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O M GUJAR LAW CHAMBERS is a full service law firm which is a self reflection essay prompts proactive, solution oriented organization headed by Mr. Onkar M Gujar, Managing Partner who is having an extensive specialization in corporate  transactions and commercial litigations and is comprehensively assisted by a team of well equipped and experienced Lawyers.

GNP Legal

The founding stone of GNP Legal was laid during college days of Onkar & Prince in the year 2003, where they first met and explored the possibility of setting up GNP Legal. Subsequent to college both Onkar & Prince gained diverse experience in different facets of Law.

GNP Legal was established in the year 2016 in partnership between Onkar Gujar and Prince Pawaiya both alumni of the prestigious ILS Law College, Pune. Over the years it has established a reputation with its characterestic no frills , business enabling and precise legal services.

With GNP, our discerning corporate clients steer through the ambiguous legalese and complexities of regulatory and statutory maze that impede the ease of doing business in India today. The personal attention to clients by the two partners has developed everlasting relationships.

The firm has offices spread across Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Chandigarh and has a reach across over 400 districts courts, all the high courts in India and the Supreme Court of India. The firm employees over 35 Advocates, 42 paralegal staff and over 300+ associate advocates spread across the country.

The firm has been recognised for its work with several accoladed and awards both at the national and international level and particularly in recognition for its proficiency in the areas of laws relating to Banking and Finance, Insolvency and Bankruptcy, IPR, Anti-Trust and Consumer , Data Privacy and corporate and commercial laws.

O M GUJAR LAW CHAMBERS as a Firm is truly defined by our integrated approach to understanding business environments and legal  challenges, and by our progressive focus on developing successful solutions compatible with client business objectives. It is an approach that has earned us longstanding relationships as well as the respect in industry circles. We would like to offer our experience and expertise in addressing your legal concerns. We invite you to contact us when you require advice and counsel. The Firm is constantly involved in corporate law complexities, banking operations, corporate financing, contract structuring, banking and  do my essay now finance, real estate and construction, industrial and employment, arbitration and litigation and has developed and continually acquires first hand experience http://hkwriters.com and knowledge within its area of practice. We have a well-established corporate and litigation
practice that offers a complete range of services to our clients.
Over a short span of time the clients of the firm have recognized and appreciated it for the quality of service being rendered to them.


  1. To provide best legal support to collections team with recovery litigation tools provided in Indian Laws.
  2. To provide services of drafting in against litigation to attract the best favorable disposal of the cases filed against company.
  3. To provide safeguard to the company from legal complications, write my paper providing it legal opinion and documents based on quality research.